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I am sure you have heard the adverts that talk up the benefits of natural herbal supplements.


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I have spent the last few months researching into natural products that claim to keep your cholesterols levels in check.  One of the advertised products that seemed to be getting consistently glowing reviews was Seanol. It was particularly interesting that many people who had written Seanol reviews all said that they experienced additional benefits by using Seanol in addition to lowering their cholesterol.  I just felt I had to put these claims to the test.

Once I started to use Seanol I was struck that it is 100% organic and derived from harvested seaweed which is manually dried.  This ensures there is no loss of antioxidants.   Seanol is best known as an antioxidant effective at lowering bad cholesterol and helping to  maintain the efficient functioning of the heart.   However within a short period, I started to observe other benefits.

I was pleasantly surprised that Seanol gave me added energy mental alertness and joint function.  There is growing evidence that it can even help with erectile dysfunction by improving overall blood flow.  For women, Seanol improves the muscle to fat composition and enables increased lean muscle mass to grow much more easily.

Seanol also has been proven to be effective for senior citizens, the improved  mental sharpness, and joint function has enhanced the quality of life of older people.

I found that Seanol reviews were balanced and accurate.  I am 100% happy with the positive results that I have noticed. I would have no hesitation recommending Seanol to anyone who was interested in reducing cholesterol, and creating a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. Even though it slightly more expensive than any other similar product on the market, Seanol gives much more.


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